Intro to Blackfacts

To the casual browser, may appear to be a garden variety Black History site.

But in reality, BlackFacts is an advanced content processing and syndication system driven by an advanced proprietary platform we built, and not ‘similar’ to other Black History sites that have nowhere near the scope of content, user reach nor the AI and syndication functionality that we have.

Launched in 1997, BlackFacts is not just the First Online Black History Encyclopedia, with over 200,000 Black History and Current News Articles, it the Largest Black Online Resource, and as the creation of Black Technologists with a 26-Year History of Creating Technology SOlutions that have put Black Communities and Black Caribbean governments online, BlackFacts stands alone as a World-Class Technology Platform created By Us, For Us, About Us, and Owned By Us – a Unique and Powerful example of what Truly Empowered Black Technologists are capable of.

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